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Where Well-Being Begins.

Tumalo Wellness isn’t your typical physical therapy clinic. Nestled in downtown Tumalo, Oregon, Tumalo Wellness is a boutique physical therapy experience rooted in making you feel better—right now and for the long run. Using a holistic approach to physical therapy, as well as an affordable payment model, Tumalo Wellness addresses musculoskeletal injuries and somatic pain within the interrelated systems that are your body. If you want to receive one-on-one physical therapy services, heal faster, and pay far less in out-of-pocket expenses, Tumalo Wellness is where your path to well-being begins. To see what 100% patient-focused care looks like, check out our space and process, or book with Tumalo Wellness online now


Thanks to our full menu of physical therapy services, you can get better and stay better with Tumalo Wellness. To receive the one-on-one care and expert attention you deserve, explore some of the physical therapy services we offer in Tumalo, OR, book an appointment, and start feeling your best today.

Our Model

At our physical therapy clinic in Tumalo, OR, we’re dedicated to making you feel better in direct and lasting ways. Thanks to our upfront and approachable pricing model, you don’t ever have to guess how much “feeling better” is going to cost.  For one-on-one physical therapy sessions and pricing you can feel good about, let Tumalo Wellness take care of you.

About Grant

Kind to the bone, extremely intuitive, and highly experienced, Grant Carson is the kind of physical therapist you want treating your musculoskeletal issues. As someone who understands the body in complex, interconnected, and layered ways, and who is also capable of breaking down information and communicating it clearly, Grant delivers the best physical therapy in Tumalo and Bend, OR—all in a way that makes sense and is repeatable at home.

Our Space

 At Tumalo Wellness, we take a handcrafted approach to everything--from our physical therapy treatments and simple payment model, to our physical space in Tumalo, OR. Renovated and rebuilt entirely by hand—using reclaimed barn wood from our own backyard—Tumalo Wellness is a space like no other. Swing by Tumalo Wellness today and experience a welcoming physical therapy space filled with natural light, calming energy, and exquisite detail.

Having pursued an athletic lifestyle, I have experienced a variety of injuries and seen numerous physical therapists. At Tumalo Wellness, Grant’s anatomical knowledge and attention to form and function is unrivaled. His method of videoing prescribed exercises with verbal instruction is conducive to home compliance. Grant sincerely cares about his patient’s well being. I consider Tumalo Wellness the next generation of physical therapy.

Teresa Cravens

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Grant during my rotator cuff repair rehab.  I’ve had several repairs on my knees and shoulders over the years and although I’ve always felt lucky with regard to the care and support I received post-op,  I’ve been truly impressed with Grant’s vision and model for recovery.  I don’t have a lot of extra time to spend in waiting rooms filling out paperwork or cycling through tedious exercises that may or may not benefit my recovery.  At Tumalo Wellness, I worked with Grant every session to identify my progress, set goals for the coming week and to learn the exercises and routines that would help me get there.  The experience was personalized, efficient and most importantly, highly effective. 

Jason Severson

Grant is an exceptional PT and I’ve found that my self-diagnosis are generally wrong. Have shoulder pain? Grant quickly figures out it’s actually because your ribs are twisted. Knee pain? It’s coming from your hip alignment. He’s adept at quickly figuring out the REAL issue and providing easy to follow movements to put your body back in alignment. He’s patient but efficient and is genuinely concerned about the health and well being of his patients. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Kristin Luck

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