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The Tumalo Wellness Experience & What to Expect

How does Tumalo Wellness set itself apart from other physical therapy locations in Bend, Oregon? In addition to offering cost-effective physical therapy services, our hands-on therapeutic process stands out in that it’s 100% dedicated to healing your body. And because repetition is key when it comes to continued health, results, and long-term improvement, our healing process includes a personalized video that details your physical therapy routine. With this video, you can take the important skills and physical therapy exercises you learn at Tumalo Wellness, and carry them into your daily routine.

When we meet at our physical therapy location in Tumalo, OR, we’ll start with a preliminary discussion about the reasons for your visit. Within this, we’ll cover the musculoskeletal issues you’re experiencing, the timeline surrounding them, and a synopsis of your background. Next, we’ll get you on the table and perform a thorough review of the interdependent areas of your musculoskeletal system.

Your body is a complex structure in which no singular piece operates independently. All of its elements, movement patterns, and systems depend and have an effect on one another. Whether you come to Tumalo Wellness in search of physical therapy for knees, shoulder physical therapy, help with sciatica problems, or relief of other chronic pain or injuries, you can expect us to take into consideration every component that is directly and indirectly related to your specific issue or injury.

No matter the nature of your musculoskeletal injury, Tumalo Wellness is here to help you feel better, faster. Through a combination of focused physical therapy sessions, as well as a personalized take-home video that illustrates your physical therapy exercises (making them easy to repeat at home), you can find the  whole-body healing you deserve. To learn more about our physical therapy services in Bend and Tumalo, OR, take a look at the list below or give us a call now.

  • Bicycle Fitting

  • Evaluation & Treatment

Customized Physical Therapy in Bend & Tumalo, Oregon

With most physical therapy clinics, patients are assigned exercises and then given a take-home sheet of visual or written instructions. Once at home, even with these instructions, replicating physical therapy exercises often feels difficult or becomes unclear. When this happens, most patients either do the exercises incorrectly, or abandon their at-home physical therapy routine altogether and find themselves with a much longer road to recovery. At Tumalo Wellness, we like to eliminate any confusion that might occur between physical therapy sessions, and ensure a clear path to health.   


After assessing the interrelated areas and movement patterns associated with your musculoskeletal injury, we create the custom physical therapy program that’s appropriate for you, and we video tape it. Through physical therapy exercises that are designed to allow your body to re-pattern itself away from pain-inducing movements (created around the original site of injury), as well as a personalized video that makes physical therapy repeatable at home, your body is able to access new pathways of pain-free existence.

At Tumalo Wellness, our physical therapy exercises are necessary building blocks on the road to recovery and well-being. Once a solid foundation of re-patterning is built, through in-person sessions and at-home work, we then move on to the strength-building component of our physical therapy process. With proper movement patterns in place, we are able to build strength in effective and lasting ways.

Note: Depending on the nature of your injury, the amount of time you put into physical therapy at home (using your detailed video as reference), as well as other key factors, the time it takes for you to reach the strength-building phase will vary. Whether you need just a few sessions or require more in-depth physical therapy work at our Tumalo, OR location, our goal remains constant: to help your body feel better for the long-term.

In-Session Video Recording

In order to experience the full effect of your physical therapy sessions with Tumalo Wellness, not to mention a faster recovery period for your injury or marked improvement with chronic musculoskeletal issues, it’s imperative to practice your physical therapy exercises at home, between sessions. To make this easy for you to accomplish, we take the time to film each in-session exercise and email you the personalized videos. These clips can and should be used as visual references and step-by-step audio soundtracks while doing physical therapy at home.

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