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A Handcrafted Physical Therapy Clinic in Tumalo, Oregon

Much like Grant’s tailored approach to physical therapy, the space of Tumalo Wellness is well-thought-out, confidence-inspiring, and comes from a place of perceptiveness and care.

Repurposed and rebuilt entirely by hand (the hands of Grant and his assistant Alberto, to be precise), the space that Tumalo Wellness calls home is as nurturing and down-to-earth as the physical therapist who runs it. Inside Tumalo Wellness, you won’t find your typical physical therapy clinic layout. Without a crowded waiting room or intimidating gym equipment, Tumalo Wellness instills a sense of calm the second you enter into its light-filled interior. At Tumalo Wellness, meticulous attention to detail, handcrafted physical therapy tables and implements, and an infusion of natural light combine to make an environment where you feel immediately welcome, and where well-being is the number one goal.

Schedule Your Appointment

To experience premium care at our tranquil, finely crafted physical therapy location in Tumalo, OR, schedule an appointment with Tumalo Wellness physical therapy today. Not sure where we're located? You’ll find our relaxed and intimate space on Cook Ave., across from The Bite in Tumalo.

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